No- confidence motion hearing confirmed

The case filed by the Opposition Leader, Don Polye regarding their fourth no- confidence- motion against the Government is confirmed for hearing this Friday before the Supreme Court.

 A status conference held this morning before a five-judge Supreme Court bench confirmed the hearing for July 1.

The application filed by Leader of the Opposition, Don Polye substantively seeks the High Court to order the Speaker to recall Parliament to debate the Motion of No-Confidence as a matter of national urgency.

Parties will however return to court on Wednesday where lawyer representing Don Polye, Loani Henao will confirm service of documents to parties in preparation for the hearing.

Government’s Principal Legal advisor and Attorney General Ano Pala, Parliament Speaker Theo Zurenuoc, Deputy Speaker Aide Ganasi, and Acting Clerk of Parliament Kala Aufa are all expected to be served with the application. Court was told this morning that they have not yet been served.

The hearing will deal first with the issue of standing, where the court will hear and determine whether the opposition has standing or a right to file a lawsuit against the Parliamentary Committee on private business to recall parliament.

If the court finds that the Opposition has standing, then it will proceed to hearing and determine the substantive issue. This is where the court will interpret the application of sections 134,141,142 and 145 of the Constitution.

This application is urgent and must be determined before July 22. After July 22, the fourth No- Confidence Motion against the Prime Minister will become invalid because a motion of no-confidence vote cannot be moved against the Prime Minister during the last 12 months of Parliament.


(Picture: Loop file picture of Loani Henao, Don Polye and Belden Namah in a press conference. )


Sally Pokiton