New rice milling technology for village farmers

Rice milling is a major and critical input in the crop's value chain.

And this is particularly true for village based rice production.

Milling is the removal of rice husk, which is the outermost layer of the paddy grain.

There are several milling methods and implements which PNG farmers and traders were introduced to, ranging from diesel powered mills to locally crafted tontongs.

There is now an innovative technology for rice milling, also a crafted device - known as "kisa".

"Village based farmers in PNG can easily develop and use kisa to mill their own rice," says Andrew Fei, a Madang farmer and one of the two known kisa experts in the country.

 Fei said kisa can be developed from any wood, including those for making kundu and canoe.

"For household rice consumption, kisa can give you sufficient quantities," he said.

“Milling with kisa does not involve a lot of work so women and children can also handle it.”

Fei and his colleague Paul Husam are local experts in the manufacturing of kisa and both have been training farmers on how to curve the devise and use it.

They learnt the process in Indonesia and developed it here in PNG. 

By Seniorl Anzu