New provincial authority for health in New Ireland

This week saw the birth of the Provincial Health Authority (PHA) for New Ireland Province in Kavieng Hospital in front a capacity crowd.

Australian High Commissioner Bruce Davis, Minister for Mining Bryon Chan, Minister for HIV&AIDs Michael Malabag, Kavieng Open MP Ben Micah, Governor for New Ireland Province (NIP) Sir Julius Chan, Secretary for National Department of Health Pascoe Kase and other high profile delegates and important guests turned up for the historic occasion.

The occasion also culminated with the opening of the state-of-the-heart Operating Theatre and X-Ray suite and provincial medical store and the swearing in of the new PHA Board.

The new hospital board includes:

1. Douglas Tsang-Chairman, Local Business Sector;

2. Bau Walas-Deputy Chairman, District Sector;

3. Elva Lionel-National Department of Health (NDhH);

4. John Knoz-Local Business Sector;

5. Monica Ambiah-Local Business Sector;

6. Dr Levi Sialis-Religious Denominations;

7. Philomena Jonah-Woman in Community;

8. Cathy Arttu-Local Community and

9. Bino Han-Local Community.


“The PHA act 2007 applies today to NIP,” the NDoH Secretary, Pascoe Kase declared.

“Your (Board) leadership and management are very critical for the success of the newly created PHA. Failures in management must be addressed as soon as possible and the board must report annually to the NDoH,” Kase said.

“This is one system and that is the way forward for health services delivery. We will not be talking hospital or rural health. We will be taking about one system including officers holding onto positions,” Kase said.

“Only one board which is the new board and management takes control of the PHA,” Kase declared.

He said that PHA reform was the way forward for the health system because they find that current rural systems is not working and resulted in poor health indicators for the country.

“Hospitals cannot say that they are doing well when the rural people are not accessing health services. Doctors and specialists must be accessed by all the population in the province therefore PHA act is promising,” he said.


Picture: From Left: Douglas Tsang-Chairman; Sir Julius Chan,  Health Minister Michael Malabag, Ben Micah, Pascoe Kase and Bruce Davis


“Recently established PHA in the country have shown achievements like Milnebay and Western Highlands Provinces. Support should come from the Provincial Government, NDoH and central agencies for PHAs to prosper,” Kase said.

He also highlighted that the recent industrial situations in Western Highlands and Eastern Highlands Provinces were political in nature where individuals were starting their own battle for their own interest.

Jacob Marcos