Nembou’s first graduation as DWU President

The 34TH Divine Word University (DWU) graduation on Sunday, March 13 is the first for Professor Cecilia Nembou as president of this Catholic run education institution in the country.

Prof. Nembou this year took over the reins from Fr. Jan Czuba as the first PNG national president since the inauguration of the DWU as a university.

Prof Cecilia Nembou said DWU is moving towards making its programs more relevant and accessible in a fast evolving higher education and economic environment.

In her address to the graduates, Prof. Nembou said graduation is the second phase in the initiation into the real world.

“Beware that the real world is not user friendly.

“You will encounter many kinds of opportunities and challenges, some good, some bad,

“You will need moral compass which is a set of personal and professional values which guide your aspirations, decisions and actions.

“Whenever you get the temptation to participate in a corrupt decision or action, ask yourself this question, “Would this decision or action violate my value system” If “Yes” then don’t! Don’t go that way because it is morally questionable,” Prof Nembou said.

“Frequent checking of your values for compliance and consistency will keep you on the right path towards achieving your career goals with honesty and integrity.

“Align your personal and professional values with the core values of DWU and do not allow the temptation of false greatness, corruption and negative pressures to mislead you.

“Follow your heart, intuition and conscience and let your moral compass be your guide,” Prof. Nembou said.

James Kila