Nelson Stone stays focused for Samoa Games

PNG has lacked a proper training system to train future public service managers over the last 20 years.

Nest as he is called, will return from a spell because of injuries to his knee and a recent hamstring to his right leg.

 In an exclusive with Loop PNG, Stone said he is currently under High Performance Sports Rehabilitation program under great care of Simon Morris and he is getting better and is preparing ahead for the upcoming events.

“I would like to go all the way to 2019 in for the Tong Pacific Games and win the 400m for the third time and go down as first person to win the 400m sprint three times.

“It will be difficult as I will be 35 by then but I have a heart like the great Mohammad Ali and nobody is going to stop me from getting what I want,” he said.

Stressing that injuries have messed up his preparations but going through the rehab under High Performance training program he has got back on the pitch last month and started running smoothly and getting back in form.

“I have proven Athletics PNG time and time again despite criticisms, and proving them wrong last year during the Pacific Games was a milestone set,” Nest added.

“As the name “NEST “itself says, “Never Ever Stop Trying” and that’s my motto that encourages me to pursue my career. But I am looking forward for a better preparation next year.”

Lamech Jinimbo