Minister wants professionals to manage village

The Games village will be the property of the University of Papua New Guinea however the sports minister wants to see professionals manage the facility and maintain it in the long term.

 He said while it will now remain the property of UPNG, the university does not have the capacity to manage it.

The village was constructed at a total cost of K240 million and consists of 30 buildings and more than 1,500 rooms.

Sports Minister Justin Tkatchenko says with such a state of the art facility, it needs to be outsourced to professionals to ensure that it’s run properly for the students as well as future sporting and major events in our country.

“Now let’s not kid ourselves on how we are going to operate it and run it. Obviously the University of Papua New Guinea has not got the capacity to look after 1,500 rooms or even a kitchen that can serve 1000 people per hour.

“The situation is the government cannot also look after such a facility.

“We need to get the best people, a company, to get them involved and get them help us run the facility and that’s maintain and help them look after (it) for the long term.

He said "we cannot allow the Games village to deteriorate; thus we must have professionals to get in there and look after it".

He has spoken to the minister of higher education, chairman of the PNG sports foundation and to the university and together they will be having meetings to discuss the future of the Games village and the management. 




Sally Pokiton