Meri Manus thank Roai and Pom Manus community

As word spread throughout Port Moresby of the plight of the nine mothers from Manus Island who are stranded in the capital, the goodness and love of its own people started to shine out.

A prominent citizen in the Manus community in the city reached out with a simple donation of K500 to these mothers.

Leslie Roai decided to give his small donation to help the women in a small way.

The nine mothers are members of the Pihi Manus Association who come from the Lorengau LLG and the Lelemadi Bupichipeu LLG.

Association president Grace Malai, when receiving the donation of K500, thanked Roai on behalf of the women for coming forward to help them in their time of need.

Malai said the nine women paid for their own way to attend the Port Moresby Floriculture Show which took place from May 2 to 8.

She said the women had travelled on a single fare ticket and were now seeking help from their MPs and the Manus community in the city to help them return to their island home.

Malai also thanked all the people and groups who helped take care of them including Roai, and also Dianne Pombuai and Peter Werei and family for providing accommodation, and others who have given in cash and kind.

The president said this was the fourth time the Association has represented Manus Island with nine women to attend the floriculture show organised by the PNG Cut Flower Association.

“We first took part in this show in 2013 which was sponsored by Manus Open MP Ronny Knight.

“In 2014 Governor Charlie Benjamin donated K2000 while Chauka Rent-A-Car helped us with K3000,” the president said.

Malai said in 2015, Lelemadi Bupichipeu LLG gave K5000 while the Department of Agriculture and Livestock sponsored three return tickets and Manus Handiman gave K2000.

But in 2016, the Manus delegation did not receive any help. The nine women raised their own money to travel to Port Moresby to participate in the event.

“This year we have not received any help despite us knocking on doors. The doors did not open, but that did not stop us,” said technical officer Brigette Pahun.

Pahun, an articulate young lady is the mover and shaker for the Association and is confident that they will still make it home.

Alfred Kaniniba