Manus infrastructure better protected from the sea

An Australian funded project to construct a sea wall on the road from Momote Airport to Lorengau has been completed.

The new sea wall will help protect this vital economic artery from erosion and flood damage caused by waves and high tides and facilitates all weather access. The construction of this sea wall forms part of Australia’s ongoing project to upgrade and reseal the road from Momote Airport to Lorengau Town.

Over 500 metres of new seawall has now been installed in sections where the road is particularly vulnerable to the impact of the sea. The new seawall consists of around 3,600 cubic meters of large rocks. The level of the road has also been raised to reduce the risk of coastal flooding. When the road is flooded it can cause serious damage to the road surface and its underlying structure, increasing the cost of maintenance and making the road less safe.

Department of Works Secretary, David Wereh, is delighted at the progress of the project.

“This major investment in the sustainability of the roads in Manus is much needed. The new seawall is protecting a vital part of the province’s infrastructure that is key for access to services and economic growth. It is pleasing to see how the project has been designed to take account of the local conditions,” Mr Wereh said.

Construction of the seawall has provided employment for many local Manusians. More than 90 per cent of the project workforce are from Manus and over 30 local businesses are supplying the goods and services needed for a project of this scale.

Australia’s Deputy High Commissioner to PNG, Ms Bronte Moules, also welcomed the completion of the project, and emphasised the benefits of improved road access for the local community.

“The roads and bridges between Momote airport and the Market in Lorengau are a crucial economic link for Manus. Australia is pleased to have been able to support this project connecting the people and businesses of the province,” Ms Moules said.

This project is an Australian aid initiative delivered through the Papua New Guinea – Australia Transport Sector Support Program.

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