Locals fed up with flooded roads

Continuous rain over night has flooded the Mamakis and Kalamona roads in the Rigo district.

The road is the only access for the people of Aroma Coast in Central Province to the Rigo inland areas.

People in the area are now calling on their local members to quickly act to ensure this is avoided in future.

It is indeed a sad sight to see villagers jumping off their vehicles to cross this flooded area, the bridge that links this road is covered under water each time the wet season kicks in.

The road is accessed by people from the Coast and Rigo Inland villages, with most PMVs being forced to abandon their route and turn back.

One vehicle carrying passengers to the Aroma coast had to wait for up to 6 hours for the flood waters to subside, before crossing over…they arrived at 9am and crossed over at 3 in the afternoon.

In order for drivers to navigate well through these flooded roads, at least two people must brave the flood to test the water’s depth before a vehicle can cross.

People accessing the highway, including mothers with their catch of the day in up to three eskies of fresh fish, are often offloaded…but they insist on getting on another PMV as not to waste their catch.

It has become a norm during the rainy season for villages travelling the Rigo-Aroma roads to clear logs and debris to help ease the water level of the flood.

Sophie Yaruso