Local mother thanks authorities for new ablution block

Mothers who do their daily business of selling fresh produce, betelnut and other assorted goods in the Buka market have thanked the Buka Town Council for their ablution block.

A mother who frequents the Buka market, Navensy Kovoho, told Loop PNG: “We mothers who travel from places far away from Buka town really need these facilities to refresh and relieve ourselves.

“Right now on behalf of all mothers who use the Buka market, we would like to thank the Buka Town Council together with town manager Edward Kenai for doing a marvelous job, building the public toilet for us to use.”

The ablution block consists of toilet and shower blocks, both for male and female users. People have been utilising it now for a fee of only K1.

“Before this facility was built we used to really suffer, for days remain unwashed and most mothers really get embarrassed going towards the edge of the Buka wharf, which is right out there in the public where boats go to and fro between Kokopau and Buka,” Kovoho said.

Now mothers who travel all the way from Wakunai, Tinputs, Kunua and Keriaka can freshen up before going to the market to do their usual business. 

“Most times we use to go our relatives’ houses to freshen up, now they won’t be bothered by us anymore,” Kovoho said.

Meanwhile, Buka Town manager Kenai said hygiene in the Buka Market must be maintained at all times and that the market, including the people in it, must be clean.

“We will ensure that the Buka market is clean, healthy and conducive for buying and selling to take place and even people selling goods at the market must be clean and healthy,” Kenai said.

“The public toilet for the market is coming out very soon.”

(The Buka Main Market.)

Peterson Tseraha