Lera travel’s length and breadth of Island

Regional Member for Bougainville Joe Lera remains committed as a servant for the people of Bougainville.

Speaking at the ground-breaking ceremony for the Malautu aid post,  Lera told the people of Makis constituency that he will remain committed in serving the people’s best interest in terms of development.

“Since you voted me as your regional member I have put my grants into good use. I have made projects for people all over Bougainville,”  Lera said.

The regional member’s visit to the Makis Constituency, particularly in Poreburu and Maluatu villages makes it the 340th location he has visited since becoming regional member, a record no other member has ever done on Bougainville.

A technical college in Buka he funded where students wishing to take up studies in technical fields can attend to attain a certificate, is now under construction. A nursing college in Arawa is underway, while K1.2 million has been put for school fee assistance  with 1,500 students  already in tertiary institutions.

“No matter where people are up in the mountains or in any remote area I will come and visit you because I am your servant I am committed in serving you,” Lera said.

Lera was in Nagovis District in the Bolave constituency where in was met by 500 people. In Panguna he was met by 300 people, and last week before going down south to Buin he spent three days in the remotest part of north Bougainville, Musituru in the Kunua district.

“I went up to Musituru on the peoples request I walked for 38 to 40 kilometres to attend this cultural ceremony where the young boys wearing the UPE hat graduated, It’s a place where no member has ever been too in history,”  Lera said.

“As a leader on request by the people I have to be the first to arrive on the scene because I am your servant I have to be with you first,” he said.

File picture (courtesy of New Dawn FM): Joe Lera during the opening of a teacher's house at Ruruvu

Peterson Tseraha