Leave fares system must be scrapped

The Special Parliamentary Committee on Public Sector Reform and Service Delivery is calling for a completely new system dealing with teachers leave fares.

This is one of the recommendations contained in the ‘Special Report on Teachers Leave Fares’ carried out by the Committee this year.

SPC Secretariat Head, Bill Hamblin, tells Loop PNG that the committee views the current system as a failure.

“We’ve looked at teachers leave fares and why they weren’t delivered on time and the committee has recommended a completely new system.

“Our view is that it will never work the way it is,” Hamblin says.

The teachers leave fare system in PNG has been the subject of never ending dilemmas for teachers around the country.

Recently the Teaching Services Commission called for all leave entitlements to be paid to teachers who are owed the privilege.

The teacher leave fares report is one of two completed by the SPC.

The other report, ‘The Final Health Sector Management Report.’

Both these reports are currently on the notice paper for the February sitting of Parliament.

The committee tried getting the reports tabled in Parliament but could not due to several adjournments.

The PSC hopes the reports get released early next year.

Cedric Patjole