Kumul Susa gives dAdiigii his international break

Kumul Susa has got to be the hardest song, dAdiigii has ever had to write.

The local artist and song writer admits it took one year to perfect the song that’s only four minutes and three seconds long.

Being the official song for FIFA U20 Women's World Cup, dAdiigii says he had to thread very carefully.

“Everything had to be approved by FIFA, so over the year, we constantly had to change the lines and words to be more appropriate.

“It was very challenging. I spent a lot of late nights because my head had to be totally clear to get something fresh and unique,” he says.

Now, dAdiigii smiles with satisfaction because, Kumul Susa has given him that international break he has been waiting for, for the last 13 years in the industry.

On Saturday December 4, dAdiigii and fellow artist Meriani Masani, opened the FIFA U-20 grand final with a live performance of the song.

This performance was captured and broadcasted live on television to 186 countries.

He describes this as his “shot of a lifetime”.

“So while my name is still fresh on the international platform, I am planning to release another song and if I can find a good promoter to push the song.”

Gloria Bauai