Kulang warns public servants not to violate the system

Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture Tobias Kulang has warned public servants and officials not to violate established procedures and processes in the public service system.

This follows the reappointment of a senior public servant with performance issues at the National Museum and Art Gallery (NMAG).

The acting appointment was made this week without the Minister being present at the Ministerial Executive Appointment Commitment (MEAC).

Kulang said in a media conference today that he has not been properly and effectively consulted as required by Section 6 of the principal law; Regulatory State Authorities Act 2004.

He said the Board of Trustees deliberately avoided invoking Section 4 of the RSA Act 2004.

This requires the board to advertise a vacancy of the position, making a shortlist of candidates and submitting a recommendation to the Minister to make his final recommendation to the National Executive Council.

Kulang said, “The board was aware that there have been performance issues raised against the incumbent and that I was reluctant to make any decision yet.

“We cannot allow such corruptive action and I call on the board to declare their interest in this matter because they know very well that there’re outstanding issues.

“There’re also issues of nepotism at the Museum where top management is dominated by one provincial group.

“The Board of Trustees should declare their interest in the matter as it obviously appears to be self-serving,” Kulang said.

He added that due process needs to be followed in all undertaking in the course of daily duty and allow transparency for the sake of good governance.

Quintina Naime