Know and respect rule of law, law students told

The 2015 graduating class of the Legal Training Institute (LTI) were reminded today to uphold and respect the rule of law as they go into the work force.

The 89 lawyer trainees graduated this morning from the institute which included four students from the Solomon Islands.

Chief Justice and Chairman of LTI Counsel Sir Salamo Injia told the students to let the law take its course, especially when violence was becoming prevalent in societies in solving problems.

“Let the law take its course, don’t take the law into your own hands. The rule of law rests with obedience to the rule of law,” he said.

He told the graduating class, laws are made to be observed and should be made for the good of the people and that the duty of a lawyer is to apply the rule of law.

Special awards were given to the students by the Chief Justice. Christopher Miviri picked up the Supreme Court award.

The LTI Director’s award went to Solomon Island student Ake Spiros Poa.

Among the graduating class were Justice Nicholas Kirriwom’s daughter, Stephanie Kirriwom and the son of Justice Don Sawong, Ranga Sepa Sawong.

The 89 students will be admitted to the bar during the Supreme Court sitting this Friday.


Sally Pokiton