Kiunga crash: Bodies at morgue, site secured

Kuinga police have managed to secure the crash site of the Sunbird Aviation plane that crashed a kilometres and a half off the Kuinga airport yesterday (13th April).

Western Police Commander Joe Puri tells PNG Loop that  MS 10 from Mendi stationed at Kiunga was also on hand to offer support with personnel on ground to secure the crash site.

The PPC has confirmed that 12 people including three children, two females, one expatriate pilot and six male adults have been killed in the crash.

As of 10 am this morning PNG Loop was told that a team from the Air Investigation Commission will be flying into the site to begin preliminary investigations into the crash.

The flight PPC Puri said, crashed around 2pm yesterday afternoon.

No official statement has been made yet by authorities on ground.

The bodies of the deceased are now a the Kiunga morgue.


Picture taken from a FB repost by Martyn Namorong  

Julianna Waeda