K150m for Madang town roads upgrade

Madang town roads will be upgraded and reseal at a cost of K150 million.

Prime Minister when making an announcement recently in Madang Province said the Government is doing this with private sector investment and partnership.

“We will further have an expansion in the supply of power in Madang, and we are doing this with private sector investment and partnership.”

“The Government cannot do this alone, we must work in partnership with the private sector.

“Together we will build the infrastructure, build the resorts and we will bring in the overseas flights.

“The tourism market that is open to places like Madang is very big and as an industry we must think big.

He made the comments as he opened the latest high quality tourist accommodation in Papua New Guinea with the new wing of the Madang Resort.

O’Neill added that the Pacific Marine Industrial Zone (PMIZ) project will also get going and many people in the province will be benefited from it.

“The PMIZ will also continue to move forward and issues relating to the loan will be resolved.

“Thousands of people will be employed with new jobs on both the land and out on the sea through this project.”



Freddy Mou