Juffa backs eviction on illegal settlers

Oro Governor Gary Juffa has supported calls by Provincial Police Commander Lincoln Gerari to remove settlers at Guba settlement formerly known has Bangoho Settlement.

Juffa said whilst the move by the Police was unpopular with settlement dwellers, it has been widely supported by most citizens of Oro due to the settlements unsightly appearance creating filth and posing health risks to the citizens as well as a crime hub where petty crimes were growing.

“Many citizens of Oro travelling into Popondetta complained of pickpocketing, assault, drunkard behavior and the sale of marijuana and illicit alcohol and illegal gambling which had also recently started and the activities were becoming an eyesore to the peace loving citizens of Oro. 

“These illegal activities had unnecessarily caused urban migration and the growing population of unemployed persons coming into the town giving rise to crime concerns,” he said.

Juffa has insisted that there will be no new settlements in Oro and that Oro had limited funds to take care of its citizens and was not encouraging migration of unemployed persons, criminals and vagrants into the province.

He added that unemployed vagrants were a problem nationwide and were indicative of laziness and the handout mentality and he would not tolerate this on behalf of his people.

However, while sympathizing with the settlers, Juffa said squatters have been illegally settling on state land so it was high time they relocated to make way for development.

Juffa said Popondetta town has been sitting idle for too long and it was about time new developments took place for the benefit of the Oro people.

He also commanded PPC Gerari for upholding law and order in the province and addressing eviction on illegal settlers, criminals and vagrants.

Juffa also warned that anyone coming into Oro must respect the law and they were not welcome if they were not gainfully employed or had a home to stay in.

Freddy Mou