Housing forces President to move to Buin

The Autonomous Bougainville President Dr.Chief John Momis will now be operating out of Buin, his homeland in southern Bougainville.

That’s because his official residence in Kubu estate at Buka is in need of a major maintenance and uplift, since it was never maintained.

That means the Bougainville executive council (BEC) meetings will all be conducted in Buin and all executive matters will be sorted out in Buin.

A team from the Bougainville technical services division is already in Buin town in southern Bougaiinville, sorting out the residence which the President will be living in till his house in repaired.

Every departmental head will now have to step up on their department’s budget allocation ready to travel whenever they’re needed to.

In the mean time a lot of people are questioning the move taken by the President but they now understand that the residence is in a dire need of repair.

Every Minister in the Cabinet will also have an alternative residence and office space in Buin town to ensure that the government running of the day is done smoothly.

Peterson Tseraha