Hospital staff resume work

The Mt Hagen General Hospital doctors, nurses and staff resumed work after a two-week sit in protest.

The staff started the protest three weeks ago over allegations that there were shortages in the availability of several basic clinical services at the Mt Hagen General Hospital.

The strike ended last weekend after an investigation team flew to Mt Hagen from Port Moresby to look into the claims.

A 120-page petition was brought to Port Moresby by several senior staff of the hospital and presented to the Health Minister Michael Malabag earlier this month (March 9).

National Doctors Association Highlands president Benjamin Yapo says all doctors and nurses have returned to work while an investigation team from Port Moresby is looking into the issues surrounding the crisis at the Mt Hagen General Hospital.

He says the protest was not for some improved conditions for ourselves, but for the sake of the services provided at the hospital to the public, adding that Mt Hagen General Hospital is a level 6 referral hospital but the services provided are not up to standard.

The doctor revealed that there has been no microbiology unit for 13 years in the hospital; the operation theatre closed for eight months now, blood test has been closed for six months, blood bank crippled for a year and many other problems.

Investigations are still underway.

Annette Kora