Health crisis looming nationwide says Oro Governor

A nationwide health crisis is looming in our districts and provinces especially the church-run health services, says Oro Governor Garry Juffa.

He said the Government promised to maintain these church-run health services, but have not been funded.

He added that the nurses are now planning to go on strike because they have not been paid on time.

Juffa told Loop PNG that he had met with the Anglican Health Services in Northern Province and was informed that they have not received their allocations since July.

 “This is the time when the Government had indicated it was going to cut K50m allocated to church-run health services. Upon verification with reliable sources, it appears that this is the case nationwide.”

He said after struggling without any funds the services are now gradually scaling down and are now on the verge of closure with only the most urgent needs to be met such as deliveries.

Juffa stressed that the church-run programs provides basic medical care for more than 50% of the population especially those in rural areas.

“Without these vital services, citizens in the lower income bracket especially subsistence farmers will be significantly vulnerable in grave danger of death.

“Several Church-run Aidposts were already closed such as Ajoa, Nindoware and Kewansesap.”

Meanwhile, Opposition Leader in his independence message said Papua New Guinea has committed and competent health workers. 

He said yet church agencies are closing their aid posts and health centres because they have not been funded. 

“Nurses threaten nationwide strike action because the Government has not paid them agreed wages.  

“Our mothers and babies die because the Government has decided to fund massive stadiums in Port Moresby – but not to fund rural health services. 

“We all want a future for our young people.  This can be built by education and training which fits them for employment and self-employment.  We all want a society where our lives and property are safe.”


Freddy Mou