Group of men break into female hall of residence

A group of men broke into two rooms at the UPNG Luavi hall of residence around 1am this morning.

Only six female students were at Luavi 3 that night but thankfully, they were located a few floors above the site of robbery.

"I heard a loud hammering below me then I heard men walking up and down the stairs," a final year student told Loop PNG.

"I woke up and used my bed to block the door. I was very scared but couldn't call out for help because there were no guards and I also had no credits on my phone or 'Please call'.

"I stayed back because even though I have relatives here, I feel awkward imposing on them. My parents are living in Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province. "Our MPs should at least provide us tickets to go home until things are sorted out here at UPNG. It's very unsafe on campus.

Police are patrolling the area but not at the back of the dorms." Less than 20 female students are living at the senior halls of residence, excluding those at the Games Village. There are three Luavi buildings on campus: Luavi 1, 2 and 3. The rooms that got broken into were Luavi 3, A15 and A16.

It is still unclear as to what got stolen because the occupants of those two rooms are not on campus.

Carmella Gware