Govt to respond to doctors’ grievances

Members of the National Doctors Association (NDA) have been reassured that their grievances will be heard by this Wednesday, August 3.

NDA president Dr James Naipao confirmed that Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari and Department of Health Secretary Pascoe Kase will respond to NDA’s petition 2 and 3 on Wednesday.

NDA has petitioned the Government for the more than 30 percent budget cut in the health sector, and non-financing of the K50 million earmarked for Church Health Services.

The third petition is NDA's condemnation of the closure of School of Medicine & Health Sciences at Taurama Campus, University of PNG.

The second part of this is to backdate the academics amounting to close to K5 million.

Lupari and Kase met with the department officials, NDA and health union executives last week.

NDA was informed that their petitions were more industrial and it was better discussions on these issues at hand were resolved.

Naipao said Lupari and Kase will respond on the resolutions agreed for real actions regarding the petitions and this must come in black and white to allow an amicable resolve.

Quintina Naime