Government maintains rural funding

The Government says it has maintained its K3.4 billion funding to the rest of PNG in its continued efforts to transform the rural economy.

Treasury Minister, Patrick Pruaitch, made the statement in the publication of the 2016 Second Quarter (Fund Released Report).

Pruaitch says the funding to the Provinces, Districts, and Local Level Governments are to to implement priority projects and while maintaining transparency at all levels of Government.

Pruaitch says the Government remains committed to achieving development across the country, particularly through its continued efforts to transform the rural economy.

“The Government must be held accountable to the for budgeted projects and programs, and the public must know where public funds are going and how they are being used,” he said.

According to the second quarter report K953.764 million in warrants were released  by Treasury as at 30th June this year for major priority programs in the Provinces.

However, the expenditure was more than the released warrants at K1.065 billion. A 10.51% increase. The Current Appropriation for 2016 is K3.444 billion.

Minister Pruatich says the Treasury Department has been tasked to present monthly reports about government expenditure on the Treasury website while a quarterly review will be published in the media.

Over K9 billion has been spent so far by the National Government on operational, debt servicing, and capital investments in the second quarter of this year.





Cedric Patjole