Get rid of weapons before referendum: ABG member

Weapons floating around Bougainville remain an obstacle to the whole process and the time for referendum is just around the corner.

Member for Kopii constituency in the ABG Philip Kuhena in his presentation to an  ABG meeting told  the government to rid of all guns before the voting for referendum  comes about.

 “We need people to vote freely without intimidation and doubts, first we need to clean this place up so when we vote there will be nothing to fear,” Mr  Kuhena said.

“Weapons still threaten the peace we’re enjoying and it will remain an obstacle unless we do something about it.”

Mr Kuhena said it will be complicated because guns have become a part of the Bougainvie culture.

“Everybody has the mentality that enemies are still around and that protection for businesses and families is still a vital concern for each and every one of us.”

 “But the important things we all need to know, understand and take heed of it is that these weapons are still an obstacle to the whole process here on Bougainville. It is now getting very scary when  the referendum is just around the corner,” Mr Kuhena said.

He said  it would be a bad implication to the international community when guns are still around and people are voting in a referendum.

“We will just be declared another failed state if we do not do something to rid this place of weapons,” Mr Kuhena said.