Games bosses to report on fake tickets report

Unconfirmed reports have circulated that people were turned away from the Sir John Guise stadium last Saturday after it was discovered they had purchased fake tickets for the PNG Hunters and Souths Logan Magpies game.

Eyewitness accounts state many people were not allowed in through the gates because their tickets were not genuine as they had been bought off the streets.

The Games Organising Committee (GOC) said a response would be made later today over these reports.

The PNG National Rugby Rugby Football also commented, saying they were not aware of the reports of fake tickets being sold.

"Tickets were sold only at Stop N Shop outlets and nowhere else. People should not have been buying off the streets.

" But we do know that grand stand and outer stand tickets were bought in bulk and sold at black market prices at K50 to a K100, " said the PNGRFL.