Financial Literacy training brings hope for locals

Rita Nandawa is among 42 participants from the Seventh Day Adventist church (SDA) in Salalus, West Sepik, to participate in a Bank of South Pacific (BSP) facilitated financial literacy training.

Mrs Nandawa is employed and has a regular income but admits she did not budget or save and the training has now prompted her to change.

“After this training, I have learnt so much. This time I believe I can build a good savings for my family,” said Mrs Nandawo.

And a student from Nalu College, Shane Jaol, who also attended a training session, reiterated similarly: “The lessons learnt will help me to put into practice the budgeting and saving concept. Thank you BSP”.

BSP trainer Stanley Seimoni confirmed that people attending the training are now more determined to save, budget and spend money more wisely.

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