Final year student wins symposium honour

A Social and Religious Studies fourth year student Ismael Palipal won the best symposium presentation award at the Faculty of Arts and Social Science Symposium in Divine Word University’s Madang campus.

Speaking to LOOP News he said research was a very important part of developments because it built and added  new ideas and findings to the knowledge of the nation.

“Research is very important towards the implementation of PNG Vision 2050,’’ he said.

Twelve presenters gave their presentations however, only two were awarded the best symposium presentation award,  Ishmael Palipal and Ms Joan Bailey who hails from Madang, and is a Communication Arts Journalism student.

Mr Palipal said: “My research which is titled ‘Factors contributing to the Lack of Community Development in Koromira Area, Central Bougainville,’ was done for academic purposes on a smaller scale; which takes into view about 40 peoples’  views on what are the factors contributing to the lack of community development in the area.

“Simply, my research is significant because in order for community development to take place, we have to first of all find what is causing a lack in bringing developments into the community. For instance one of my major findings was ‘Low level of education’ in the community and even the community leaders. 

“As the result they lack important knowledge like community needs analyses and community management, thus this research will contribute a whole new idea on factors contributing to the lack of community development in Bougainville and PNG as whole so that in future developments, these factors can be addressed to achieve the community that is smart, wise, healthy and happy through proper community developments.’’

Final year student Palipal said as a male presenter, presented with the best award, it motivated  him to do his best. It is a good start for the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences in hosting such a symposium because it can be a motivation to others,  especially those in years  1- 3.

I think one of the ways that the panel should use to select the best presenter should depend on how the presenter  presents his content. Whether the ideas presented are clear and understandable by the audience.

“I think voting by the audience could be the best way.

“I want to congratulate my fellow FASS presenters who also presented some of the very critical findings of their research during the symposium.

 “I want to see more community developments happening in the communities , that is more better educational facilities, better health services, wealth creation projects (tourism/agriculture), proper water supply and road services.

Palipal, 22 who hails from Koromira, Kieta District of Central Bougainville in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville acknowledges  the FASS for giving such an opportunity for them to share their findings in a bigger audience.

Elliot Dawea