Fiji Police Commissioner investigated

​Fiji Police Chief of Intelligence and Investigations, ACP Henry Brown has today confirmed that the investigation file regarding a report made against the Commissioner of Police is now with him.

A report has been lodged alleging the Commissioner of Police, Ben Groenewald had obstructed a police investigation involving a foreign diplomat.

ACP Brown said the investigators are continuing with their work and more details will be released at a later date.

Fijivillage has received confirmation that the report against the Police Commissioner was filed by a member of the public after the accident at Edinburgh Drive on Friday night.

Groenewald issued a statement over the weekend confirming that the fatal accident at Edinburgh Drive, involved a 59-year-old diplomat from the office of the South African High Commission.

A 26-year-old man died in the accident after the diplomat’s vehicle had a head-on-collision with his vehicle.

The Police Commissioner said he was informed about the incident by the Director of Traffic on Saturday and that the diplomat was being kept at Totogo Police Station, after an alcohol test was done.

Groenewald then met with the Director and the investigation officer and informed them about the South African man’s diplomatic privileges and immunity.

Gronewald clarified that the diplomat is entitled to diplomatic immunity under the terms of the Vienna Convention 1961.

He stressed that the investigation will continue and his immunity from the jurisdiction will be dealt with in terms of the Articles of the Vienna Convention.

Meanwhile, the South African High Commission has reported the incident regarding the involvement of a South African diplomat in a fatal accident to the Department of International Relations and Cooperation in Pretoria for consideration.

The High Commission says after receiving guidance from Pretoria, they will engage with relevant stakeholders in Suva.

The mission says it has taken note of the unfortunate incident involving one of its diplomats and the loss of life of a Fijian national.

The High Commission also says that it wishes to express its sympathy and condolences to the family of the deceased person.

It says it should be appreciated that the incident involves different role players and requires to go through certain processes which are not yet finalised.