Fashion designers appreciate workshop

The line-up of the three day workshop by PNG Fashion Week will answer many questions of local fashion designers.

Designers Natasha Tamanabae and Eva Pokawin, who attended the first day yesterday, have already expressed satisfaction.

Natasha of Elite Fashion Club said many designers, like herself, are very busy.

“I’m satisfied with what I’m seeing on the workshop.

“Having everyone here together in one place and telling us how they can support and help us, especially Small Medium Enterprise and National Development Bank, I really appreciate it,” she said.

Natasha also highlighted the importance to be educated on Intellectual Property, a topic that will be covered today.

“We have to keep our designs safe and we don’t really do that because everyone thinks you don’t really own PNG designs, the motifs. I’m a custodian of tapa designs, I really want to know Intellectual Property, how to patent and save it and all that,” Natasha furthered.

Eva of 3 P&E shared similar sentiments.

“We have people copying and I believe that this week’s line up of the program will answer most of our uncertainty for our business,” Eva said.

Natasha, who was grateful for the workshop, said it has helped a lot with networking, connecting and finding the right people to fund their products.

“That for me is amazing.”

Adding on this, Eva said this workshop will also empower youths and young designers on the path.

Furthermore, she also mentioned the need for government assistance.

“For most of us, we are emerging and we need capital to get going, assistance from government can always boost the production, especially for us. But so far so good and we’re really looking forward to it and we don’t want to miss the three days.”

(L-R) Eva Pokawin, PNGFW Director Janet Sios, Natasha Tamanabae and one of the models, Dylan Yaruso.

Gloria Bauai