Evidence does not comply with rules of evidence, Court told

The Waigani Committal Court has been told that the evidence produced to the court in the armed robbery case of 2Fast motors involving six Police officers do not comply with the rules of evidence.

Lawyer representing the six police officers made submissions in court today in response to the police prosecution hand-up brief, outlining three main points in the evidence act.

The officers are members of the Police Mobile Squad Special Service Division; Samuel Turi, Arnold Zilong, Tuom Tutuk, Ronald Nelson, Carl Inoumba and Jeremiah Buigen.

The court was told by the defendants’ lawyer that there was nothing for the court to consider because the evidence before the court was not produced in the proper way. The evidence was not tendered in court.

Another issue that was brought to the court’s attention is the statements of the Chinese nationals which was written in English. The defendants’ lawyer said their formal language is mandarin and statements should have been written in that language and later translated to English in writing.

The identification process used to identify the defendants was another issue the police officers’ lawyer raised in court.

Magistrate Cosmas Bidar heard the submissions and adjourned the matter to March 2017.

The six defendants arrested and charged on March 17 for their alleged involvement in an illegal search on a Chinese national and used their office issued firearms to search and confiscate more items at the 2 Fast Motors dealership on March 13.

They are facing allegations they illegally searched a Chinese national and confiscated ammunition, a pistol, bullets, large amounts of cigarettes, mobile and other valuables amounting to K105,000.

They were each charged with two counts of kidnapping, five counts of deprivation of liberty, two counts of extortion and two counts of armed robbery.

The officers’ National Court bail of K1,500 is extended until next year while other conditions remain.



Sally Pokiton