Dopo defends Awesa on education funds in Imbonggu

Educational institutions in the Imbonggu district and local communities in their proximities have been urged to be content with assistance they receive from their member of parliament, Francis Awesa.

President of Ialibu Basin Local Level Government (LLG) in Southern Highlands, Robert Dopo has said that schools and communities receiving financial and other help from Awesa should appreciate and accept what they get.

And Dopo has urged the management of schools and communities in Imbonggu district to be wary of failed and aspiring politicians who knowingly go around spreading lies to discredit genuine efforts by the national government to assist learning institutions.

He said: “What is given should be appreciated because the Minister has given so much considering 27 primary schools, high schools, Mendi School of Nursing and others”.

In 2016, apart from assistance to schools, Awesa came up with a new initiative under which tuition fees for all Imbonggu students studying in universities, colleges and other tertiary institutions are currently being paid.

The fees for the first batch totalling K1,590,200 for 621  students in over 80 institutions PNG-wide and abroad is being paid this month.

Meanwhile, work on compiling names for the second batch has been completed and the non-refundable monies will be paid direct into respective institutions.

Strict guidelines include confirmation of acceptance letter from institutions, verified personal identification and related information are applied to avoid any abuse of process and mis-application of funds.

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