Divine Word University students receive medals

​Three high-performing students received gold medal academic excellency award during Divine Word University’s 34th graduation.

Business accountancy student Amelia Wattz scored the highest GPA of 4 while colleague Julianne Isoy scored 3.75. PNG studies and international relations department’s Jude Roa scored 3.53.

The silver medal has been awarded to Faith-Tonna Yakam of the rural extension department, who qualified with a GPA of 3.27 and fell in the range of 3.2-3.39, which is silver medallist qualification.

Bronze saw a total of seven recipients who scored between 3.0-3.19.

The bronze recipients are Blasius Tio with 3.16 (social and religious studies department), Francesco Kuias with 3.16 (business accountancy department), Crystal Keiwaga with 3.13 (health extension department), Rachael Soil with 3.1 (social and religious studies department), Dickson Kipoi with 3.09 (business studies accountancy department), Jerominah Murau with 3.08 (PNG studies and international relations department) and Ismael Palipal with 3.05 (social and religious studies department).

Reuben Tabel