Desalination project on full swing

​The Pacific Environment Community (PEC), funded Desalination project in the atolls of Manus province is now in its installment phase.

Project manager Tom Anayabere, when giving an update on the progress of the project that was launched in May this year said the expected completion of the project is scheduled for Dec 31 this year.

He said eleven 20-foot shipping containers containing all Solar powered desalination plants equipment and machineries have arrived in Lorengau.

He added that three Japanese engineers from Toray Industry, the manufacturers of the desalination plant have also started the initial phase of preparing the foundation, structures and buildings for the desalination plant equipment on Bipi Island.

Anayabere said the shipping of the actual desalination plant equipment is expected to be done at the end of September to the project islands of Bipi, Mbuke, Whal, Nauna, Mal and Aua.

“On May 12, the installation of the pilot solar powered desalination project plant was done on Bipi island.

“Surveys and Awareness trips were later done by the project team to the other atoll islands of Nauna, Mal and Aua in the month of July.”

He said these five villages and Manus province as a whole will lead the way with this technology that will see solar-powered seawater desalination plant systems installed to convert salt water to fresh drinking water.

The pioneering project will pave the way for similar projects to be implemented for other atoll islands affected by the effects of climate change, resulting in the rise of sea level which is affecting their source of drinking water.


Caption: Children of Mal island who will be benefiting from the solar-powered seawater desalination plant systems that will convert water from beach wells into fresh drinking water.

Sally Pokiton