Derogatory statements amount to insubordination, warns Isouve

Derogatory statements made against the Police Commissioner’s authority and senior management of the Royal PNG Constabulary amount to an act of insubordination.

The head of the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary’s Crimes Division, Assistant Commissioner Victor Isouve, was speaking in regard to statements made by fraud director Matthew Damaru.

During a press conference on Thursday, Damaru questioned the legitimacy of the vetting process.

“The process of initiating the criminal justice process is now encumbered by an unusual vetting committee,” the fraud director told the media.

In a statement released yesterday, Isouve said the checks and balances imposed by the RPNGC management were necessary. This is because too many unsanctioned investigations done without the supervision of the police hierarchy provide the opportunity for corrupt practices to take place.

“Damaru should not pass the buck and blame the court system, the prosecution or the police hierarchy for his own incompetence, arrogance and insubordination,” said Isouve.

“The cases were thrown out because experienced senior officers within the Constabulary were not given the opportunity to appraise themselves with the contents of the evidence to provide opinion or advice before these cases were taken to court.

“If the files were collectively vetted by senior management, Damaru would not be passing the buck and complaining,” ACP Isouve said.

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