Couple's hilariously honest 'infertility announcements' helps others

A newscaster in Idaho and his wife are making headlines for their honest “infertility announcements” that have gone viral online.

A spoof of fertile couples’ pregnancy announcements, Spencer Blake and his wife, Whitney, posted a handful of photos on their blog, On an Adventure, including a photo of popped bubblegum on their faces, with the text overlay “Infertility still bursting our bubble, month after month.”

The couple, who struggled with infertility but now have two adopted sons, told Fox 9 the images were a way to make light of something that so many aspiring parents struggle with.

"It was just kind of our unique twist to something we see all the time on social media," Whitney told Fox 9.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 6.7 million, or nearly 11 percent, of women in the United States, are infertile.

Typically thought of as just a women’s problem, infertility can also be attributed to the man’s health problems.

Studies suggest irregular menstrual cycles can be a risk factor for infertility among women, but lifestyle choices for both men and women, as well as sperm issues among men, can affect a couple’s chances of conceiving.

“Sympathy and empathy go a long way for something that’s that difficult,” Spencer, a newscaster on “Good Morning Idaho,” told Fox 9. “We’ve had times where we’ve received it, so it’s nice if we can give that to other people.”

As media have picked up the couple’s story, men and women who can relate to the Blakes’ plight have commented on their viral photos, and praised the husband and wife for their bravery.

Fox News