Companies dig deep for frost/drought victims

Two more companies have donated cash and goods towards assisting frost and drought victims in Enga.

The operator of Porgera gold mine, Barrack PNG, presented a cheque for K150, 000 while Chinese construction company Guangolong Foreign Construction Ltd donated 1600 bags of rice and K30, 000 in cash yesterday to the victims in front of a capacity crowd in the Enga capital of Wabag yesterday.

Barrack executive manager Greg Walker said he was happy to see Enga Governor Sir Peter Ipatas taking a lead in mobilising relief assistance for helping disaster victims in his own province.

He said as a company operating in the province, his management was willing to contribute towards saving the lives of those seriously affected by the effects of the prolonged drought (El Nino conditions) and aftermath of the frost disaster.

Walker said gold production was operating as normal after receiving rain in past two weeks.

The Chinese company executive director Xiaosme Lu said his donation was meant to signify a special relationship with the people of Enga  following the construction of the Wabag town water supply by his company.

The same company has spent more than K4 million in designing a mini hydro power plant to be built near Wabag town.

According to Enga Provincial Government authorities, Mr Lu’s company was also awarded the contract to build the K320 million new Enga hospital.

Enga Governor Peter Ipatas and Provincial Administrator Dr Samson Amean separately thanked the two companies for the generous donations.

The two leaders said they needed more assistance towards helping the victims.

Pic caption: Barrack executive manager Greg Walker, centre, presents a cheque for K150, 000.00 to Enga Governor Sir Peter Ipatas, third from right, and Dr Samson Amean, far left, with other company officials looking on in Wabag yesterday. The donations will go towards assisting the frost and drought disaster victims in the province.