Churches must criticise politicians: Polye

Opposition Leader Don Polye has called on churches to criticise politicians when they deviate from the principles of morality and Christianity.

Polye made the call upon learning that most of the mainstream churches in the country have been silent on issues affecting the country and its leadership.

While speaking to a number of people at a ground breaking ceremony in Mendi, Southern Highlands Province, on Wednesday, he commended Catholic and Lutheran bishops for openly criticising the politicians.

“SDAs and other mainstream churches are silent. These bishops have slammed the government for passing bad laws, undermining rule of law and bad governance.

“Some politicians are telling them not to cross the line and leave politics to politicians and religion to pastors and bishops. I think this is wrong.

“The churches have to guide and teach politicians moral principles. I need it,” he said.

King Saul, he said, was reluctant to get advice and guidance from priests so he was dethroned, adding in this modern society to develop PNG, the churches must play this important role.

“The churches should not sleep. Talk like the Catholic and Lutheran churches are doing. We have to emulate from John the Baptist who openly criticised King Herod, who committed adultery.

“He knew that the king would penalise him but that did not stop him from telling him that he committed a wrong deed. John was decapitated by the King’s wife.”

In PNG, he said, the Christian churches must not fear those in power, urging them to advocate on what is right.

“Otherwise, you are not Christian. You must say it. The only reasons why you cannot criticise the politicians are: You are afraid of being killed or in fear of cut to funding by politicians.

“I learnt a lot when some churches coming out public against the government. Christianity shaped our characters. It guides us because we stand on principles and values. The Bible builds the characters of our people,” he said.

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