Chuave MP Challenge warrants in court

Chuave MP Wera Mori has moved an application before the Waigani District Court challenging the search warrant which was used to obtain documental evidence against his case.

His lawyer, Adam Ninkama moved an application before the Committal Court, asking the court to quash that search warrant as well as a warrant for his arrest that was obtained from the District Court last year.

He told Magistrate Cosmas Bidar that the search warrant date July 3, 2015 is defective as it was not obtained in the right manner.

This warrant was used by police to search the Chuave Treasury office and obtain files which were used in the investigation against Mori which led to his arrest on official corruption charges.

 Ninkama said his client is willing to comply with any late investigation on basis but the warrant must be obtained lawfully and documents lawfully obtained.

He said the documents obtained and filed in the investigations should not be used to commit his client as they were obtained using a defective search warrant.

Mori is also asking the court to disqualify Chief Inspector Stanley Poga from further having carriage of the investigations against him.

Police told the court there were no irregularities in obtaining the warrant of arrest and search warrant as proper process was followed and applications were made to obtain them.

A ruling on the two applications will be made on Nov 23 by Magistrate Bidar.

Mori is facing allegations he misappropriated K40,000 belonging to the Chuave district funds in Chimbu around July last year.



Sally Pokiton