Christmas period quiet in NCD

Port Moresby police are commending residents for a generally peaceful Christmas in the past 48 hours.

NCD Central Commander Sylvester Kalaut says the city has had no major reported incidences, while he further commended the community to keep up the positive atmosphere through to the New Year period.

Kalaut says however, that there have been numerous driving charges given out to motorists who were arrested for drink-driving around the city.

He is calling for people to be mindful of driving laws and refrain from driving under the influence of alcohol to ensure accidents are avoided during this festive period.

He says that while there is no liquor ban in place, this does not mean people take advantage of this and start drinking and driving around. The Police Commander also warned people not to consume alcohol in public places.

“Police will be in full force to spot alcohol fuelled drivers, passengers or residents drinking alcohol in public places.”

Kalaut says people must celebrate this festive season within the laws and avoid police charging them with unnecessary infringements that can be avoided  by using our common sense.

Julianna Waeda