CEO of Solomon Airlines sacked in surprise move

The national airline in Solomon Islands has sacked its chief executive in a surprise move announced to staff on Thursday.

Ron Sumsum was to have handed over the reins to a yet to be selected replacement in December.

The airline gave no official statement for his dismissal.

Acting in his place is the commercial services manager Gus Kraus, who said the sudden termination was a bit of nuisance given an upcoming safety certification review from the International Air Transport Association.

Mr Kraus said the airline was also awaiting word from Qantas on whether codeshare arrangements will continue.

"Naturally part of our issues of recent times has been our liquidity and the business of requiring some injection from the shareholder which is the government. I believe the board is working on some programs with the government being now a bit more receptive and positive. So we are hopeful that things might lift up in the next few months," said Mr Kraus.


Solomon Airlines Photo: Supplied