Bville a potential tourism hub

TOURISM is another income generating tool for Bougainville apart from cash crops such as cocoa and copra with the absence of mining.

With its virgin forests, white sandy beaches, the former Panguna Copper Mine, and the world’s second largest cave located in the region are potential tourism hotspots.

An up and coming tourism operator from the west coast area of Bougainville Patrick Miaro told PNG Loop the ABG should consider tourism as a priority this year.

Miaro comes from the area where the Benua cave, the second largest is located and a lot of tourists have already shown interest but help is needed especially in terms of capital, for local tour operators like him to start up.

“A lot of tourists have already shown interest, and we have also had an awareness team that visited us last year, we have the potential but we need help with capital,” Miaro said.

“We have an ideal spot for bungalows and lookouts, bird watching surfing, bush walks and other interesting activities to attract tourists,” he said.

 Miaro said the Ministry of Tourism in the ABG has to work together with the National Government in putting tourism on Bougainville as a priority.

“Instead of looking for money elsewhere we’re actually sitting on it and not knowing what to do, all we ask for is the government to intervene and help us,” Miaro said.


Picture: A tourism set up on Bougainville.

Peterson Tseraha