Bougainville Light craft inspectors graduate

Fifteen light craft inspectors have graduated and five light craft board members sworn in after the National Maritime and Safety Association held a course on how to deal with light crafts or motorised dinghies in Buka.

The inspectors all swore an oath of office under the Chief Public Solicitor at the Bel Isi Park in Buka on Thursday.

Disaster coordinator Franklyn Lacey was present to hand over all the roles and responsibilities to the light craft board chairman Anthony Tsora.

The Disaster office in Bougainville has now reached another milestone by establishing a light craft board, the first of its kind in the region.

Lacey told Loop PNG that everything regarding light craft will be under scrutiny and will be regulated in order to meet safety standards.

“One of our biggest hurdles has now been met and we’re very grateful for our achievement. According to our timeline, the board should be established this year, and we did it,” Lacey said.

“All light crafts will now be inspected and those who break or are not in line with the regulations will be dealt with accordingly by the law,” he said.

Bougainville has had already a number of people and boats gone missing out at sea due to  lack  of awareness on light crafts, especially on how the boats must be built, and the safety precautions sea goers should be wary of.

Peterson Tseraha