Bougainville’s alluvial miners want licensed buyers

Alluvial gold miners in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville want good buyers that are licensed and are genuine.

Most con artists and bogus buyers have been coming in and lying to most alluvial miners about prices that are beyond ones imagination.

An alluvial miner from the Karato area George Diba told PNG Loop that a lot of gold miners have been tricked and duped by certain conniving agents.

“We have been told that unimaginable prices like K200 to K500 per gram was available and that is not legitimate these are lies we have been told, by certain people who get mind boggled when they see money,”  Diba said.

“We want someone who will come and dish out cash plus show us that he is a valid buyer and he complies with the rules and regulations of gold buying, plus on Bougainville now you will need a separate license from the ABG to buy gold here,” he said.

Diba added that a lot of miners, especially the ones with the big quantities and are not close to town but who are high up in the mountains, are all affected by these so-called conniving artists that the price is so high and they have just been hiding with the commodity.

“These miners think that the price will change overnight to K500 per gram and are still puppets to these so-called liars,” Diba said.

“We need awareness to spread out throughout the region so that people can understand and know what to do and what not to do,” he said.

“We also need to contribute by paying tax to the government that is why the ABG has now imposed the rule for us to buy a license internally,” Diba said.

Peterson Tseraha