Basil questions importation of 280 semi-automatic guns

Deputy Opposition Leader and Bulolo MP Sam Basil says all dangerous goods, including weapons for military and police use, must always be declared to PNG Customs.

The Pangu Party Leader made these comments following media reports of confiscation of military grade weapons by PNG Customs because of no declaration.  

Government Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari, who also heads the National Security Advisory Council, said the guns belong to the Police. 

“Lupari's statement doesn't add up, something is wrong here,” Basil stated.

“The non-declaration act alone by the private company breaches the Customs Act, whether a government agency or a private sector, those breaches are serious in nature.

“It is very frightening to know that our disciplinary forces do not have any plans for the use of those 280 semi-automatic guns.”

Basil said with the National General Elections some months away, the shipment has raised a few eyebrows.

“Is the government covering up for this shipment by using police and army as the owners of those weapons after being discovered?

“If the government is covering up then were those weapons, that failed to make it through as ordinary cargo, actually for MPs and their cronies to use in the 2017 National Elections?

“This could be one of the ways this weapon importation racket employs to import firearms under the guise of our normal cargo importation procedures,” Basil said.

Charles Yapumi