Awesa condemns murder of Unitech student

Minister for Works and Implementation Francis Awesa has condemned in the strongest terms the killing of a first year male engineering student at the University of Technology in Lae last Thursday.


Awesa described the brutal murder of the student in his room as very primitive, barbaric and a cowardice act by criminals lacking intelligence and had no regard at all for human lives.

As well, he condemned the University of Technology administration for failing miserably to take proactive actions including inviting police to protect people’s lives and property on the campus.

“It is a very unfortunate and most regrettable that the situation has been allowed to deteriorate resulting in the death of a young university student from my electorate.

“The perpetrators, financiers and masterminds behind the prolonged university students’ boycott nationwide have blood in their hands.

“They are totally responsible for the chaotic situation and must be held accountable for all injuries sustained, loss of life and damages to property worth millions of kina in taxpayer funds.

“These senseless band of criminals must be made to pay for all their crimes committed to date. They must be held accountable for all the current and future ramifications resulting from their selfish, greedy and politically driven motives,” Awesa, who is also the Imbonggu MP stressed.

He said the ring-leaders and perpetrators of the current situation not only have individual responsibilities as citizens, but more importantly moral obligation to see an immediate end to it.

Awesa has called for public cooperation to provide information to police investigators in total confidence so that the murderers, some of whose identity are known, are dealt with by law.

He welcomed the Government moves to impose curfew in the universities and urged for total public support as it was in PNG’s national interest to uphold the rule of law, good order and peace.

He warned that any further misadventure by those involved, including criminal acts would be met with resolute response and dealt with accordingly by the law.

“In the 21st Century PNG, we cannot allow a band of senseless murderers, whose acts are totally criminal and primitive in nature to unjustly take away innocent lives.

“It is saddening to see an apparent disintegration of PNG’s sovereignty and national unity into small fragmented ethnic and factional groups.

“As responsible leaders and citizens we must rise and protect the pioneering thoughts and visions of our fore fathers who crafted our Constitution, which promotes, protects and guarantees our national unity.

“The very constitutional guarantees of a united Papua New Guinea is eroded fast by acts of senseless cowards creating disunity and disintegration among our people and nation as a whole.

“We must protect our Constitution at all cost. A small band of criminals with vested interest must not be allowed to employ criminal means to dictate terms for majority peace loving citizens.

“I urged all patriotic citizens to assist the Government and State law enforcing agencies through peaceful and legal means to resolve this situation amicably.

“All this stupidity and non-sense must cease so peace and normalcy are restored in all universities for our sons and daughters to resume studies immediately, Awesa said.

He said the current situation is orchestrated by few individuals whose ultimate objective is to create havoc and civil unrest PNG-wide with the view to changing the current political leadership.

Awesa said their underlying objective is to topple the Government using innocent students as fronts to gain power and take control of the nation’s wealth, including proceeds of the PNG liquefied natural gas.

Meanwhile, Awesa has urged students from Southern Highlands and Hela provinces studying in universities and other tertiary institutions to remain together and steadfast to continue their studies.

He urged relevant State agencies to speed up work in establishing the Western Pacific University in Southern Highlands to avoid future repetition of student boycotts and undesired outcomes.

Awesa said funds have already been allocated for the project and work should proceed without any further delays.

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