Anjo seeks legal action over interference over protest

Activist Noel Anjo has started legal proceedings for contempt charges against police for their interference at the October 2015 protest at Unagi oval.

Anjo tells PNG Loop that he filed the notice of motion papers yesterday (March 21) with a court date set for April  29.

A statement of charge directed at NCD Metropolitan Police Commander Ben Turi has also been given to him.

The statement of charge read that Turi would be charged with contempt of court charges in line with the October 1, 2014 court order stopping police from interfering with protests carried out by Anjo.

Anjo further alleges that the peaceful gathering turned  confrontational with police was in line with the October court order.

He says that Turi and his men disturbed the peace and violated the standing orders that allowed the public to gather.

PNG Loop was also told that assault charges were laid on the policeman that assaulted and broke another activist’s camera, however to date Anjo alleges that no word has come from police about the outcome of this case.

For tomorrow’s declined protests, Anjo would not comment but says that the people must rise and speak despite opposition. He said it is only then can they say that they have participated in democracy and the right to free speech.


File picture from last October's protest 

Julianna Waeda