Activist Anjo congratulates O'Neill on political victory

Activist Noel Anjo has congratulated Prime Minister Peter O’Neill for an overwhelming victory in the vote of no-confidence last Friday in Parliament.

Anjo, who is leader of NGO group People’s Power Movement, said however, O’Neill’s victory was a political one.

He said as far as the NGOs, civil society groups and other likeminded groups were concerned: “The fight is not over,” Anjo told Loop PNG.

“Our call is for him to step down from the post of Prime Minister,” the activist stated.

“That demand still stands for him to step down or hand himself in to police for questioning.”

Anjo, who has been an activist for more than 14 years, said his group will be carrying out a major education and awareness campaign going into the 2017 National Elections.

The aim of the awareness campaign is to make people aware that leading up to the 2017 national elections, the power is now in the hands of the ordinary people.

“We want to educate our people to vote wisely, without fear or favour. The time for receiving money or goods to vote for leaders is over.

“We will be calling on people of this country to vote leaders who are honest and will serve the people.”

Anjo said he would be doing fundraising soon to kick-off his nationwide 2017 election education awareness campaign.

Alfred Kaniniba