ACP reports influx of illegal immigrants

There has been an influx of illegal immigrants from Indonesia.

In a statement, Assistant Commissioner Border Command Donald Yamasombi, says the lack of patrol boats along the West Sepik border area has allowed easy, undetected access for the illegal immigrants.

“On July 19, three Indonesian adults and one juvenile crossed the border by boat to Wutung where the PNG Defence Force, based at the checkpoint, apprehended them and brought them to the police station. 

“They have been arrested and charged according to the PNG Migration Act and have been sentenced to three months hard labour and fined K2000 in cash each.”

ACP Yamasombi said boats and dinghies are needed to boost the capability of the police at the border. 

“Police does not have the capability to patrol the sea surrounding the Indonesian border and again, we call on the district authorities to help us look into the matter,” ACP Yamasombi said.

(Picture: Photoshelter)

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