7 Offline Marketing tactics for boosting brand awareness

In this fact paced, digital world, it’s easy to forget that marketing isn’t a job that has to be done exclusively online.

In fact, now that so much of our advertising is digital, face to face human contact has become special again. Customers really remember the businesses that can push right through the noise of social media and reach them on a personal level.

Just think about it. What would you remember — another ad on the side of your Facebook wall or a friendly, personable representative offering you a chance to experience something new? Yes, digital marketing is essential, but for true success, businesses need to be combining it with clever and effective offline marketing tactics.

Keep reading for seven of the best ways to step back from the computer and give your customers an offline experience.

1. Promotional Products

One of the best ways to increase brand exposure to leverage the power of promotional products. There’s nothing people love more than freebies, and if you make your items practical, they’ll hang around the home or office for a lot longer than you might think. Things like pens, calendars mugs, mouse mats, and t-shirts are classic and popular choices.

2. Business Cards

In the early days of Facebook, business cards lost a lot of their popularity, but they’re back with a vengeance now. Companies are finding ever new and exciting ways to define themselves via offline materials again and it’s a wonderful thing. These days, the possibilities are endless. Business cards can be made out of card, wood, plastic, or even metal.

3. Trade Shows/Roadshows

Taking the time to attend trade shows can feel like an old fashioned idea, but these events are big business. Every year, hundreds of thousands of companies set up booths so new audiences can see what they’re all about. Plus, trade shows are the perfect place to appeal to new customers with branded freebies and tasters.

4. Newspaper Advertisements

While magazine sales have definitely taken a hit in the digital age, most adults still buy a physical copy of their favorite newspaper. Therefore, there’s a huge amount of brand exposure to be found in print advertisements. If you’re a fairly small company, keep them modest but try and work in a unique angle or hook. Your aim should be to catch the eye and stand out in a sea of competing content.

5. The Personal Touch

Nothing says ‘You’re appreciated’ like a card on your birthday. This is pretty easy to do as well, because most customers have already offered their birth dates in order to sign up to mailing lists or register with websites. Use the information wisely and send customers a surprise token of gratitude at the most special times of year — their birthdays, Easter, and Christmas are the classic occasions.

6. Direct Mail

Once again, we’re used to thinking of things like direct mail as old fashioned compared to Facebook and Twitter promotion, but it must be effective, because customers continue to receive a great deal of direct mail every year. Get in on the action, but try to make your promotional materials eye catching and practical. Companies like Dominoes are great at this with their direct mail takeaway vouchers.

7. Networking

The one technique that is most often overlooked but happens to be the most powerful is face to face contact. Whether it’s on the street handing out freebies and tasters, at corporate events handing out business cards, or selling your brand at trade shows, people always remember a one-on-one experience better than an impersonal tweet or status update. Be warm, personable, and not too pushy. Impress shoppers with a little bit of charm and personality.

The Value of Offline Marketing Techniques

Ultimately, it’s a mistake to disregard the value of offline marketing tactics. When everybody is doing exactly the same thing (fighting for space online), you’re bound to make a splash if you start doings things differently. Get out there, get talking to people, and get customers excited about your brand.